Ghosts of NaNo’s Past

 Originally posted on October 10th, 2013

NaNoWriMo Countdown: 20 days

Not sure how I feel about the 8-bit theme this year…

       The Kick-Off Party for the region has already been planned, and I’m getting excited. Every year that I’ve done NaNo, I’ve always just wanted to start writing. I’ve got so many ideas that I want to get them down on paper and flesh them out. I may start filling word prompts with characters from previous years.

       Speaking of previous years, the updated NaNo site is finally allowing people to re-post their novel information for years prior to 2011 when they did the major site overhaul. I wound up going back through my Livejournal (remember when LJ was actually legit and not almost constantly down for another DDOS attack “maintenance”?) to hunt down the summaries that I couldn’t seem to find anywhere else. I had forgotten that I actually really did like those stories. I didn’t cringe with every sentence I read.

       And I’ve actually gotten far better at summarizing. Yeah, I have a hard time believing it, too. The “summary” of my 2010 Novel, Nuit de Glace, was about a page long. (I’d pull a piece of it and put it up here, but, surprise, surprise, LJ is down.)

       But it was good!  I liked it. Ask anyone who’s listened/watched me self-edit. That hardly ever happens. I love writing, I always have, and I write mostly for my own enjoyment. But I’m a perfectionist. Writing or drawing, I want it to be perfect.

      Yeah, I’m one of those odd people who seems to enjoy the editing process. I don’t know why. I may sort through the summary and some of the printed parts I’ve got and post them on here later. Lots of things to do.

       Also, I just realized that I’ve had a account for 7 years now. I feel old…


       Mayuuya (Chelsea)


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