NaNo Character Maps

     Originally Posted on October 1st, 2013

       Countdown to the start of NaNo is officially on. 30 Days.

       I’ve spent some time in the computer lab at school making notes on characters and working on profiles. Most of the character maps are already done, and I’m working on the profile sheets now. I do most of it at school, since I can use the printers there.

       And for those who aren’t aware of it, Evernote is invaluable when it comes to using work on multiple computers. You can save just about anything to it: documents, pictures, pdfs, or use it to type things out. I’ve got the app for it on my kindle and on my phone.

       This is the first year that I’ve ever really used character maps, but I think that they’ve been helpful. I don’t think I’ll use them much past the initial planning stage, but they’ve been useful when working on the profile sheets and are useful for at-a-glance stuff like dates.

       They’ve also helped me do more characterization work than I’ve ever had done by this point.

An example of one of the main character’s maps

       Also,  I plan on making my own character profile sheet at some point before NaNo starts. I’ve found several good ones online, but they either have too much information, or too little. Once I get it finished, I’ll post it to my deviantArt, and to the resource page on here. 


       -Mayuuya (Chelsea)

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