New National Novel Writing Month Project

So, the Biology Exam From Hell is over and done with, and now I can look ahead to November and work on fleshing out new characters.

Yeah, I decided to go with a new project. I had one all planned out at the beginning of this month, and will probably still work on it, but I’ve decided to make this one my main goal for the month.

This story has its roots in a project I originally started for CampNaNo, in June of last year, but ultimately scrapped due to time and lack of interest. After retooling the setting a bit, I’ve decided I’m going to use the characters in this new setting, since they never went anywhere last time.

This is only the second time I’ve really dipped into the Fantasy genre, but I enjoyed it last year. But I think this year’s novel will have a stronger plot. I liked the characters from last year, and the setting was good, but it wasn’t the tightest plot.

Okay, so it had a pretty loose plot.

Anyway, on to this year’s summary:

“A debt paid with blood… Humanity for power…”


Cover Image

War is threatening the Kingdom of Inverna.

The quick-tempered third child of the beloved Queen Caoimhe, Lady Eirian cared nothing for the royal court, preferring to devote her time to archery, magic, and the healing arts. At seventeen, with a cunning mind and a quick tongue, some wished to see Eirian as the Queen’s successor, rather than her sister the Crown Princess Gwenlyn.

But Eirian’s powers earned her few friends. 

She is a Black Mage, feared for her abilities to control not only elements and healing like other mages, but minds and bodies, as well. It is not an unfounded fear: many Black Mages have sacrificed their blood to demons, giving mind, soul, and sanity in exchange for power.

Years later, while tending to bureaucratic affairs in her families Province of Blackwater, Eirian is called home when Gwenlyn, now Queen, falls ill to a sickness no Healer can cure. To make matters worse, old enemies see the Queen’s sickness as the perfect time to launch an attack.

With the kingdom on the verge of war and her sister’s health deteriorating, Eirian must navigate the poisonous waters of the Royal Court and find a cure for her estranged sister, all while attempting to stem the tide of war and avoiding the whispers of those suspicious of her powers. 

With the weight of a kingdom pressing down on her shoulders, Eirian’s resolve weakens. A demon’s power becomes a tempting promise.

Can she survive the trials on her own? Or will she succumb to the burdens of her position and give in to the demon’s offers?

Not too bad, at the moment, but I’ll probably go in and do some editing on it before the month is all said and done.

NaNo Countdown: 7 days


Mayuuya (Chelsea)


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