Day Eleven of NaNo

         Well, despite being gone most of the day today (Christmas ornament shopping, yes it’s a thing) and being really tired, I still managed to come in at over 2,500 words today, bringing my word count to 32,549. My nano stats are actually telling me I’d only need to write about 875 words a day to finish by the 30th. 

         Anyway, the word I used for today’s prompt is family. 

         The fill is kind of based on my own family’s Christmas: controlled chaos, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Prompt for 11-11-13: Family

         Kenna stirred the mashed potatoes, listening to the din coming from the living room. Christmas Day, and every corner of her grandmother’s house was alive.

         In the kitchen, nearly every inch of flat surface was covered with either food, china for plating food, or silverware, always the family silverware, for eating food. In the dining room, her sister and cousin Ashlyn argued about how to best arrange the candles on the table. That would only get worse when Ashlyn’s sister Cameron reminded them that they had to split the candles between two years this year.

         From the living room came the sounds of Christmas carols on the piano, as her aunt tried to play and teach little Riley and Emily at the same time. She could only imagine Melody was hovering, trying to distract the kids at least a little bit.

         Her father was cutting in the the ham while her brother chatted with their uncles, the football game abandoned. The older of her aunts tried to salvage the slightly runny sweet potato casserole.

         And in the center of it all, right in her element, tugged on by child, grandchild, and great-grandchild alike, was her grandmother, overseeing the carving of the meat.

         Kenna knew that, if anyone that wasn’t part of the family were to stop by, they’d probably see chaos. People running in and out of the kitchen, carrying three things in two hands. Kids chasing cats, parents chasing kids.

         In a way, Kenna thought with a smile, it was kind of chaotic. But really, she couldn’t imagine her family any other way.

          There were fights and arguments, injured pride and wounds to lick. There’d be disagreements over dinner, too many opinions in one room.

         But at the end of the day, faults, flaws, and disagreements and all, it was all a part of their family. Family was family, and Kenna knew that she wouldn’t change her’s for the world.

         As soon as the food was ready and the table was set, her grandmother herded everyone into the dining room to say grace. Before she closed her eye, Kenna took a glance around the room, four generations under one roof, all here together.

         Problems and all, she wouldn’t have them any other way.


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