Day 16 of NaNo13

         And here we see exactly why I’ve not volunteered to take over the daily word prompts on the NaNo forums. 

         And so, here we are, one day after the half way point. My stats page has me pegged at finishing up on the 18th, but I should actually probably be finished by tomorrow. The past week has been a bit hectic. I seem to have been away from home more than I’ve been at home: 2 concerts in as many weeks, (and both were great fun!), work, school (Holy crap I’m graduating next semester), work, and family things. So, I’ve really been pushing myself to get the word counts up while I’ve got time, since I know it’s only going to get Imagebusier as the month goes on.

         Right now, I’m sitting at 46,708.

         Tonight, is supposed to be the Knoxville version of the Night of Writing Dangerously, but I don’t know if I’ll be going. I work in the morning, and I need to be there by no later than about 7:20, so I don’t know that the write-in is going to happen. It was fun last year, and I’ll miss not going, but I think it’s probably for Imagethe best. 

         Sorted out what scenes that I know  I still want to write, and there’s no way that I’ll be finished with 50,000 words, so I’ll probably continue writing for the rest of the month and we’ll just see what my final word count turns out to be. 

         So, to everyone who’s stuck with NaNo this far along, congratulations. You’ve beaten the halfway point, and done probably done more writing than most people will ever do. Keep going, even if you don’t meet the goal.

          Good luck!

          Mayuuya (Chelsea)


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