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The Witch Queen’s War


Incomplete (Chapters 7/~20(?))


“A debt paid with blood… Humanity for power.”

The quick-tempered third child of the late Queen Caoimhe, Lady Eirian cared nothing for the royal court. But with a cunning mind and a quick tongue, some wished to see Eirian as the Queen’s successor, rather than her sister, the Crown Princess Gwenlyn.

But Eirian is a Black Mage, feared for her abilities to control not only elements and healing, but minds and bodies, as will. Many Black Mages have sacrificed their blood to demons, giving all in exchange for power.

Years later, Eirian is called home when Qwenlyn, now Queen, falls ill to a sickness no Healer can cure. But is it illness or curse?

With the kingdom on the verge of war and her sister’s health deteriorating, Eirian must navigate the poisonous waters of the Royal Court while trying to discover the cause of her sister’s illness. Is it natural, or sabotage? And who is responsible for such a crime?

With the weight of a kingdom pressing down on her shoulders, Eirian’s resolve weakens. A demon’s power becomes a tempting promise. Can she survive on her own, or will she succumb to the burdens of her position and five in to the demon’s offers?


The Witch Queen's War Cover

The Witch Queen’s War Cover













On the Ashes of Riverside


Incomplete (Chapters: 7/25ish)


Riverside State Psychiatric Hospital was once a promising institution. Proudly situated in a rise above the Tennessee river, the hospital was, for a time, a leader in the emerging field of mental health care, boasting the most up-to-date and advanced practices of the time. However, little more than two decades passed before the hospital’s decline began, and allegations of violence, patient abuse, and cruel treatments began to run rampant. In the summer of 1969, the hospital suffered a devastating blow. A fire destroyed the top three floors of the hospital’s main building. Several people suffered injuries, and a six-year-old patient died in the blaze. Though the fire was eventually ruled an accident, suspicions remained and, a year later, Riverside Hospital was closed down.

The hospital sat abandoned for decades. Rumors of ghosts and other strange sightings spread like wildfire.

In the spring of 2011, a private developer purchased the property. Plans were announced to repair and renovate the buildings and turn them into a modern apartment community. Riverside Plaza opened three years later.

Graduate student MacKenna Sheridan, the building’s newest resident, is thrilled to finally be moved into her new apartment.

But the past never stays hidden and Kenna’s excitement fades rapidly. Before long, odd things begin to happen. At first, they’re easily explained away: a flicker in the mirror and quiet whispering in the hallways. But things escalate quickly. The sounds of crying and screaming echo in the halls, the smell of smoke fills the air, and fire alarms sound with no obvious cause.

Unnerved by the increasingly common occurrences, and aware of the building’s troubled history, Kenna tries to shed light on the hospital’s troubled past. However, her search proves difficult; many records are sealed, and those involved have no interest in discussing the past. It seems the hospital wants to keep its secrets. But just how far did someone go to bury those secrets?

Will the hospital’s past finally be put to rest and its true tragedies exposed? Or will its secrets remain hidden, buried forever under the ashes of Riverside

riverside cover jpg (web ver)

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