Back Onto WordPress

So, for the past few weeks, I’ve been flirting with blogger/blogspot. I decided this morning that I didn’t like it very much. Formatting is “eh”, but I hate the option of no preview when you go to share the blog on FB or somewhere. That, and google has eaten enough of my soul already, I have about 9 posts up on there that I’ll eventually be reposting to here, since I have no plans to update the other one anymore. 

This will be a blog devoted to books and writing and other writing related subjects. I’ll post bits of my own writing, thoughts about writing, and occasionally the odd book review. I’m also big on the event National Novel Writing Month (  that begins in a few days, so there’s definitely going to be posts about that and about my progress as the month goes on. 

So, there’ll be a lot of posts up front here, while I move things over and shift them around. More new updates will happen after the Biology Exam From Hell is finished tomorrow. 

And I have not given up on my baking blog. I still have it, I’m just not certain when it will be updated with everything else going on. 


Glad To Be Back On WordPress,

Mayuuya (Chelsea)