Day 16 of NaNo13

         And here we see exactly why I’ve not volunteered to take over the daily word prompts on the NaNo forums. 

         And so, here we are, one day after the half way point. My stats page has me pegged at finishing up on the 18th, but I should actually probably be finished by tomorrow. The past week has been a bit hectic. I seem to have been away from home more than I’ve been at home: 2 concerts in as many weeks, (and both were great fun!), work, school (Holy crap I’m graduating next semester), work, and family things. So, I’ve really been pushing myself to get the word counts up while I’ve got time, since I know it’s only going to get Imagebusier as the month goes on.

         Right now, I’m sitting at 46,708.

         Tonight, is supposed to be the Knoxville version of the Night of Writing Dangerously, but I don’t know if I’ll be going. I work in the morning, and I need to be there by no later than about 7:20, so I don’t know that the write-in is going to happen. It was fun last year, and I’ll miss not going, but I think it’s probably for Imagethe best. 

         Sorted out what scenes that I know  I still want to write, and there’s no way that I’ll be finished with 50,000 words, so I’ll probably continue writing for the rest of the month and we’ll just see what my final word count turns out to be. 

         So, to everyone who’s stuck with NaNo this far along, congratulations. You’ve beaten the halfway point, and done probably done more writing than most people will ever do. Keep going, even if you don’t meet the goal.

          Good luck!

          Mayuuya (Chelsea)

Day Eleven of NaNo

         Well, despite being gone most of the day today (Christmas ornament shopping, yes it’s a thing) and being really tired, I still managed to come in at over 2,500 words today, bringing my word count to 32,549. My nano stats are actually telling me I’d only need to write about 875 words a day to finish by the 30th. 

         Anyway, the word I used for today’s prompt is family. 

         The fill is kind of based on my own family’s Christmas: controlled chaos, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Prompt for 11-11-13: Family

         Kenna stirred the mashed potatoes, listening to the din coming from the living room. Christmas Day, and every corner of her grandmother’s house was alive.

         In the kitchen, nearly every inch of flat surface was covered with either food, china for plating food, or silverware, always the family silverware, for eating food. In the dining room, her sister and cousin Ashlyn argued about how to best arrange the candles on the table. That would only get worse when Ashlyn’s sister Cameron reminded them that they had to split the candles between two years this year.

         From the living room came the sounds of Christmas carols on the piano, as her aunt tried to play and teach little Riley and Emily at the same time. She could only imagine Melody was hovering, trying to distract the kids at least a little bit.

         Her father was cutting in the the ham while her brother chatted with their uncles, the football game abandoned. The older of her aunts tried to salvage the slightly runny sweet potato casserole.

         And in the center of it all, right in her element, tugged on by child, grandchild, and great-grandchild alike, was her grandmother, overseeing the carving of the meat.

         Kenna knew that, if anyone that wasn’t part of the family were to stop by, they’d probably see chaos. People running in and out of the kitchen, carrying three things in two hands. Kids chasing cats, parents chasing kids.

         In a way, Kenna thought with a smile, it was kind of chaotic. But really, she couldn’t imagine her family any other way.

          There were fights and arguments, injured pride and wounds to lick. There’d be disagreements over dinner, too many opinions in one room.

         But at the end of the day, faults, flaws, and disagreements and all, it was all a part of their family. Family was family, and Kenna knew that she wouldn’t change her’s for the world.

         As soon as the food was ready and the table was set, her grandmother herded everyone into the dining room to say grace. Before she closed her eye, Kenna took a glance around the room, four generations under one roof, all here together.

         Problems and all, she wouldn’t have them any other way.

Day Ten of NaNo: Word Prompts

         So, since I’m over par on my nano count again today, I decided I’d try something new. (I’m at 2,884 so far today)

         I posted a prompt table here yesterday, well, sort of. It didn’t exactly come out looking like I’d thought that it would. Anyway, I’ve decided to do my own prompts everyday, provided I beat par on my word count. I’m also going to try to post my own fill.

         If anyone would like to make a suggestions for a prompt, I’ll be happy to post them too. 🙂

Prompt for 11-10-13: Picture

         Kenna dug through the boxes, trying to get the last of her things packed before the morning got to late. Evin and Melody would be here before long to help with the final trip from Baltimore to D.C.

         She was digging around in the back of her closet when something stabbed her palm.

         Kenna jerked her hand back with a curse, inspecting her hand. There was a cut across her hand. Not deep, but bleeding. She grabbed a tissue from her dresser and pressed it against the cut.

         Frowning, Kenna carefully pulled out the last bit of rogue clothes and blankets, trying to figure out what had cut her.

         As soon as she’d pulled out the last jacket, something shining caught her eye. A jagged piece of glass. Looking closer, Kenna realized it was the remnants of a picture frame.

         Carefully, she pulled removed the glass and put it in the garbage bag she’d pulled out earlier. Then, she turned her attention to the rest of the frame, lifting it up off of the floor.

         She stopped as soon as she realized what the picture was.

        It was a picture of her Baptism. A picture of her Baptism with a family that she barely remembered.

         She was held in her father’s arms over the baptismal font, with Evin standing in front, grinning from ear to ear. And there was her mother, holding the candle, smiling happily.

         When was the last time that she’d any of them that happy together?

         This might have been the last time it had been that way. By the time for Ainsley’s Baptism had come around, the cracks were already showing.

         Things had already been broken.

         Maybe there was a metaphor in there somewhere.

         She ran index finger along the smiling image of her mother’s face, mindful of the broken glass that still lingered in the frame. She must have thrown the picture in the closet in a fit of anger. She didn’t even remember having the picture.

         She stared at it for a moment longer before she turned the frame over and carefully removed the picture. The frame went in the trash.

         The picture went, loose, into an album, and then into a box, moving with her to the next chapter.

Word Prompt Table

001. First kiss 002. Final 003. Numb 004. Broken wings 005. Melody
006. Rules 007. Chocolate 008. Nostalgia 009. Heartbeat 010. Stranger
011. Confusion 012. Bitter 013. Afterlife 014. Daybreak 015. Audience
016. Endless sorrow 017. Fireworks 018. Wishing 019. Happy birthday to you 020. Tomorrow
021. Oppression 022. Agony 023. Return 024. Protection 025. Boxes
026. Hope 027. Preparation 028. Beautiful 029. Lies 030. Underneath
031. Hide 032. Diary 033. Unforeseen 034. Conditional 035. Gone
036. Clear skies 037. Heartache 038. Wired 039. Insanity 040. Foolish
041. Words 042. Study 043. Punctual 044. Piggybank 045. Shooting star
046. Writer’s Choice 047. Writer’s Choice 048. Writer’s Choice 049. Writer’s Choice 050. Writer’s Choice

Prompt table that I borrowed from 100 Prompts over on LiveJournal. I put it on here so that I could keep track of it, since there doesn’t seem to be a daily prompt thread on the NaNo forums this year. I’d volunteer to do it, but I’d probably get sidetracked.


Mayuuya (Chelses)

Edit: Yikes, that’s not how it looks in my preview. I can’t find a way to change it, so the prompts for the far right hand side are: 5- Melody, 10- Stranger, 15- Audience, 20- Tomorrow, 25- Boxes, 30- Underneath, 35- Gone, 40- Foolish, 45- Shooting Star, 50- another Writer’s Choice

Day Nine of NaNo: Lots of Updates

         So, the first week of NaNo has officially come and gone. Despite everything, I’ve managed to get way ahead of par and have already hit the halfway mark with 25,173 words. I think the official par for today is 15,000, so that puts me about 10,000 words ahead.

I’ve been trying to do an average of about 2,000 words a day, instead of just the minimum 1,667. Yesterday, I made a personal best at just over 6,000 words.

I’m trying to create that buffer, because I know that I’m going to need it the week of Thanksgiving. The day before Thanksgiving, I’m helping with the opening day of what’s probably Knoxville’s biggest Christmas event, the Fantasy of Trees, that night, then going to dinner, then going to work until about 2 in the morning. Then coming home, possibly going back to work for about an hour on Thanksgiving morning, coming home, helping my mom make the dishes for dinner, then going to my Aunt’s for dinner.

I’m already exhausted just thinking about it. I need to remember to make sure I packed those bottles of wine for dinner…

Anyway, started out with one story, switched to the other. Now I’m back with my original NaNo idea for this year, and that’s what the majority of my writing has been about. About 20,000 words worth of the 25,000 are that story.

Yeah, I’ve switched stories three times.

I’ve also discovered that, for instant inspiration, and thus word count, just add a puppy. Everything’s better with baby animals.

Cheers, and good luck to everyone doing NaNo!

Mayuuya (Chelsea)

Day Two of NaNo: I Hate Writing the First Few Chapters

        So, today I managed to get in 2559 words. Not as many as I would have liked to have gotten, but it still puts me at a total of 5,566, which is still nearly 570 words over par for the 3rd. 

        Also, the first few chapters of a new story suck. I hate having to do all of the set-up and introductory stuff. But it’s necessary for the story. It’s just no fun to write. 

        And, seriously, that’s all I’ve got tonight. My brain is broken right now. 


        Mayuuya (Chelsea)

Day One of NaNo: The Plot That Wasn’t

        So, as the first official day of NaNoWriMo draws to a close, with only an hour and a half left, my word count sits at 3007. Not bad, considering that I didn’t start writing until the middle of the afternoon.

        Oh, and I had a plot change. Again.

        I’m working on another CampNaNo project that I didn’t ever really work on. I think I wrote maybe about 150 words of this and then veered off into writing something with a set of my older characters.

        But while I was sitting with Scriviner open, trudging through the opening chapter of my chosen novel, I just couldn’t make the words come out. So I opened a new file, and started typing a random scene from the other story. And the words just came. So then I went and started writing the first part of the story, and now I’m at 3000 words.

        Maybe I’ll work on The Witch Queen’s War off and on throughout the month.

        Or maybe the Fantasy/ original world thing just isn’t for me. That’s entirely possible, I suppose, since this is the second time I’ve pretty much shelved this same story. Who knows, but, for now, I’m sticking with what works.

        And Shades in the Shadows is working for me, right now.  

        This is the synopsis that I used during CampNaNo. I’m still trying to decide if I want to do any editing on it or not:


Cover Image. The cover image for ‘The Witch Queen’s War’ was actually a retooling of this cover, not vice versa. I made this one back in June.

       When Kaylee Sullivan is invited to join a college sponsored trip revolving around the restoration of a centuries old castle in the heart of Ireland, she immediately jumps at the chance.

        However, once the group arrives at the imposing Black Lake Castle, it doesn’t take long before some of them begin to have a few misgivings about the project.

        Soon, Kaylee and the rest of the group begin to notice odd occurrences. At first, they seem tame; cold drafts and odd noises, easily ignored or explained away. But as more time passes, things become more alarming and more frequent. Shadows seem to flicker in the mirrors followed by the sound of scratching at the glass. Nightmares plague the group, all centered around a dark an menacing human-like figure. 

        Very quickly, what started out as a hands-on lesson in Irish history becomes a crash course in bone-chilling legends.

        When an accident inside the castle brings the restoration work to a grinding halt, the more superstitious minds among the group begin to point to the castle’s less than peaceful past. Murder, treachery, and a twisted fascination with the occult have tainted Black Lake’s ancient halls, weaving a warped history of cruelty, violence, and death.

        And now whatever sleeps within the many shadows seems to have awoken. 

        Lesson of the Day: Go with whatever works! And what works is whatever gets you writing.

        And that’s where I’m at right now. Good luck to everybody participating in NaNo!


        Mayuuya (Chelsea)