A Poem and Other Odds and Ends


Cover image for Scarlet Starlet

        So, I finally finished a poem that I had on the back burner for sometime now. There’s actually a bit of a story behind it. I had one NaNo idea last year, a novel called Scarlet Starlet, that was supposed to be set in the late 1910′s – early 1920′s. It was supposed to be about a young woman who came to NYC searching for fame on the stage. She would have gotten it, but for a price, of course. The poem was supposed to be written to the main character from a love interest/ childhood sweetheart. The novel has pretty much been scrapped, but I still like the idea.  Also, free-verse is very rare for me. Really rare.

Scarlet starlet, who are you?

Where is the girl you left behind?

Did you leave her in that field,

Dancing in the summer sun?

Or is she still there under the stars

Laughing free, without a care?

Scarlet starlet, who have you become?

Look at yourself, who do you see?

Your face is familiar, your voice the same,

But the smile is different, the laughter gone,

Swept away by the flashing lights,

Buried by the weight of the stage.

Scarlet starlet, are you happy?

Is this life all that you dreamed?

The lights, the glamour, the promise of fame

Is it worth changing your name?

Surrounded by your admirers,

But can you call them friends?

Scarlet starlet, look around you,

Can you see the illusion for what it is?

Promises of loyalty,

Declarations of love.

But where will they be,

When the sun sets and the star falls?

Scarlet starlet, do you remember,

The words that you once said?

“This is my chance, the only chance,

Be happy for me please?”

How can I be happy for you,

When you’re miserable for yourself?

Scarlet starlet, come back home,

Leave the lies behind.

The glitz and glamour will not last,

The false friends will not stay.

But I will always love you

If you ever again glance my way.

        Also did some minor character work last night.  Got last names down, a family tree started, and even had some plot points jumped up and make themselves known. Still trying to do some world-building/ setting history, but I don’t expect to have that set until sometime tomorrow.

        Tomorrow is the NaNo Kickoff Party for the Knoxville Region! Yea! 5 days left!


        Mayuuya (Chelsea)